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9 out of 10 homeowners are not aware they have water pressure that exceeds the recommended amount indicated by the plumbing code book. The result: Unnecessary/unsafe pressure is being applied to the entire plumbing system.  Faucets will drip before their time. Toilet tank parts will need replacing sooner. The water heater life will be shortened etc…

  • The easiest way to understand this condition: Think of the home as having “High Blood Pressure”

Best Water Pressure Repair in Arizona

Although there are numerous repair kits and online videos available, water pressure regulator repair is not a job for an inexperienced person.  Improper calibration of these units leads to more than a little annoyance when you don’t have enough shower pressure.  It can lead to costly repairs down the road if allowed too much pressure to build up in the pipes in your home.

There are several kits on the market to repair a water pressure regulator. The challenge with them is that most are like putting a “Band Aid” on the problem. And while the more expensive repair kits do a better job, the fact is they cost as much as simply replacing the unit.

That is why at Peace Of Mind Plumbing we recommend replacement over repair. This is better for your long term peace of mind. The Water Regulator installed is A : Genuine Quality OEM unit.

If you suspect your water pressure regulator was improperly installed, give us a call for a free “second look”.  Or worse, if you already have a leak as a result of your pressure level, then we will address it immediately.  Call today at 480-304-2074

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