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9 out of 10 homeowners have not been informed their water heater needs to be maintained on a scheduled maintenance program (besides flushing) for that extended service life. Peace of Mind Plumbing, LLC has the right program for your peace of mind.

Complete Plumbing Repairs & InstallationsCall for Plumbing Service

Look to Peace of Mind Plumbing for all your general plumbing needs in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.  Peace of Mind Plumbing  will help with needed fixes in kitchen, bath and laundry such as leaky faucets, water heaters (gas or electric) and water softeners. If you are simply tired of a pesky problem, have an unexpected flood, or very low or very high water pressure,  call Peace of Mind Plumbing at (480) 304-2074 any time of day or night to schedule your repair or urgent maintenance. “Guaranteed” Affordable Prices.


– Installation – Sinks, Showers, TubsRepair a leaking faucet – Valves – “Life Time” Warranty – Faucets, Install & Repair – Instant Hot Water – Toilets – Garbage Disposal Installation – Water Pressure Regulators – All Types of Leaks Leak Location Services – Reverse Osmosis System – Installation & Service – Water Softeners – Installation, Service & Repair – Gas Lines – Water Lines: Repair & Installation – Kitchen & Bath Remodels – Sewer Line Repair & Installations Pipe Video Services – Sump Pumps Sewage Pumps – Drain Cleaning – Water Damage Clean Up … and more! Peace of Mind Plumbing  is adept at  new installs:  toilets, garbage disposals, water pressure regulators, reverse osmosis (RO) systems, Instant Hot Water systems, sinks and much more. Look for Peace of Mind Plumbing to be your Phoenix Metro and Surrounding Area plumbing service.

Complete Drain Cleaning

Need plumbing maintenance for your home or business?  Peace of Mind Plumbing take cares of those stubborn clogged drains in sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, floor drains, sewer lines and sewage pumps.  Peace of Mind Plumbing also takes care of grease traps and do tree root removal. We Empty Drains, Not Your Pocketsclean your drains
– Clogged Drains
– Video Inspections
– Toilets
– Sinks
– Showers & Tubs
– Floor Drains
– Grease Traps
– Main Sewer Line
– Tree Root Removal
– Sewage Pumps
… and more! Let us take care of all your washing machine, dishwasher and toilet lines today. Get back to free-flowing drains with a call and visit from PEACE OF MIND plumbing (480) 304-2074.

Drain Repairs, Replacement & Installations

Why do it yourself? Peace of Mind will take care of your plumbing pipe repair, bath plumbing repair, plumbing repairs toilets, plumbing repairing advice and much more. If you require plumbing drain repairs, plumbing replacements, or fixture installation, Peace of Mind Plumbing is ready to address your plumbing concerns. Consider us for your main sewer line, plumbing leaks, floor drains, sewage pump and bathtub and shower installation before or after your emergency.   Peace of Mind Plumbing Services is available at (480) 304-2074. – Main Sewer Line
– Sink Drains
– Leaks
– Bathtub and Shower Drains
– Floor Drains
– Sewage Pump
– Video Surveys
… and more!

All Water Lines/Plumbing Repairs and Replacements

Need competent service for major problems?  Peace of Mind will  take care of Water Main from Meter to Shut-off, all types of plumbing leaks, can provide a suitable Preventive Maintenance program, General Repairs, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting,   Plumbing Fixture Replacements, Corrections to City Code Violations.  Peace of Mind Plumbing Services LLC has the right program for your plumbing maintenance needs. -Water Main from Meter to Shut-off
– All types of Leaks / Leak Locating
– Preventative Maintenance Program
– Repairs
– Broken Pipes Repairs
– Diagnostics/Troubleshooting
– Replacements
– Correction of City Code Violations
– Preventative Maintenance Go to the Peace of Mind Plumbing Services Contact Page to get a review and schedule your plumbing service today. Note:  9 out of 10 Homeowners have not been adequately informed that their water heater needs to be maintained on a scheduled maintenance program (besides flushing) for that extended service life, especially in our hard water areas such as Arizona. Additional Services: *Water Damage, Asbestos, Fire/Mold Restoration Services, Lead Testing. *Leak Detection. Kitchen & Bath Remodeling.